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Ordering a taxi & Payment

Keep the name of the street and the house number at hand, so we can help you quickly.

Yes, you can order a taxi to arrive at any time of day.

Yes , if you ordered a taxi through our online booking system, we will directly send you a confirmation.

Yes you can. In that case we send a message without obligation to all our drivers. However, we cannot guarantee a taxi will show up.

Only when you travel online. Keep in mind that the taxi needs more time to arrive at your doorstep.

Yes, in all taxis it is possible to pay by credit card.

Yes, you can, whether you are a private individual or a company. If you’d like to travel on credit, please take a look at the possibilities we offer.

Yes, in all taxis it is possible to pay by debit card.

Yes, you can easily pay in advance with iDeal or creditcard.

Yes, all drivers have sufficient change on board.

Special requests

No. They don’t need to, taxis have dispensation for this. If it makes you feel more comfortable, please do take your own.

Yes, but only if the baby is accompanied by an adult.

An unaccompanied child is allowed to travel by taxi if it is 9 years or older. When you order, please mention the destination, the name of the person who meets the child at arrival and phone numbers of people involved.

Most of the time yes. Not all drivers take pets. Please mention your request when you order.

Yes, that is possible. Please mention your request when you order.

No, this is not possible.

No, we cannot select our drivers this way.

Yes, you can. Please mention this when you order.

No, that is not possible. If you are able to come out of the wheelchair and the wheelchair can be folded, you can travel by taxi.

Generally this is not possible. Only if you travel to Schiphol Airport, and your bike is already disassembled and packed in a carton travel box, we can take it in a taxi van.

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